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2024 Spring AGM & Registration - Saturday, March 2.
Registration from 1pm to 2pm - Meeting to follow
Location downstairs Rockwood ANAF 341 Wilton Street
2024 Registration Form

Rainout Schedule

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You choose one night per week (Monday or Tuesday - 6 & 4)(Wednesday or Thursday - 5 & 5) to play double headers.

This will be the same night that you will play all season.

There is a waiting list every season so please get your deposit and team information in as soon as possible.  Please e-mail for any questions about joining!


The season runs for 16 weeks

May 1st, 2023


August 21-27, 2023

Playoffs begin Monday night, teams will all play their first game on their regular night.


July 15, 2023

If you have more then 20 People on your SPN registration, you must hand in your list of 20 eligible players by July 15.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What do we need to play?

A - Uniform tops (see rules), at least one bat and proper footwear.  Balls and umpires are included in your fees and the diamonds are set up for you!  We'd recommend a lawn chair and whatever food/drink you'll need to get though your games.  Plan for 2-3 hours!

Q - What's up with your "pre-determined injury" rule?  Explain?

A -   Pre-determined injury (circled batter)

           If you have someone on your team with an injury that makes baserunning difficult, you can indicate this by circling that player on your gamecard.  This means that every time this person reaches base, they get a teammate to take their place after the play ends.  This runner is of the same gender and is the person before them on the batting order (if available, if not, the person before them).  They MUST take a runner.  Also, they can reach as many bases as they can, the runner takes their spot on first, second or third!  Keep in mind that this rule is ON TOP OF the courtesy runner rule in the SPN rule book (3 per game).

Q - You don't have fences!  Is it a ground rule double if the ball goes in the bush/crops/parking lot?

A - No!  Those areas are more than 315 feet away from home plate.  The ball is live as long as it's between the diamond's out of play boundaries.

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3900 Waverley Street

Winnipeg MB, Canada

R3V 1W8

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